The World of Super Benek

Find out about the fantastic World of Super Benek

We are a Polish manufacturer of a wide range of products for cats, dogs, rodents and birds. Pet owners appreciate our products for their diversified range and innovative features, and most of all high quality. Our key line comprises litters for pets, but we also produce pet foods, feeds, snacks, care products, shampoos and food supplements for pets.

Our company is located in Niedomice, a small town near Tarnow, Poland, where we have our production facility, modern laboratory and storage infrastructure. This is where ideas are born and where we put them in practice. We work every day to supply you with the best pet products. We appreciate your trust and we promise to make every effort to be able to meet your expectations, because we know how much you love your pets and want the best for them.


World full of cats

In the World of Super Benek you will mainly find a variety of cat litters. Our product range includes bentonite, silica gel, wood-based and zeolite cat litters, and of course corn-based Benek Corn. We make sure that the products we offer ensure maximum convenience in use for you as a pet owner, and comfort for your pet in its private toilet. A wide range of fragrance formulas, grain sizes, and raw materials from which we make our litters gives you the maximum ability of selecting the cat litter that best suits your lifestyle, cat breeds, or cat’s preferences.

We have also designed a number of hygiene products to improve the performance of individual cat litters, such as odour neutralizers and absorbers.

We have also prepared something tasty for your pets – Super Benek Premium wet foods in pouches are complete cat foods and a rich source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Food formulas have been designed to the suit age of the cat, so you have a choice of three flavours for adult cats (chicken, rabbit, veal) and one for kittens (turkey).

Our portfolio also includes products encouraging play, such as catnip, and cat repellents to help in toilet training. With an innovative FUS Test, you can monitor the health of your cat and save the cat from long, complicated treatment for FUS – feline urologic syndrome.

Visit our website at to find out more about these and other products. Check what we have prepared for you and your pet!